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ERA International Conference in Kiev


The packaging of the lens: manufacturer, seller and consumer of the products
V.N. Krivoshey, Ph.D.

The winners of this year World Star

Innovation in packaging

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Doy pack for powder and liquid detergent



Why barrier films?

Polymer additives - new product quality
A.A. Voloshchuk

Biodegradable packaging films based on polyvinyl alcohol
.I. Chernaya, .S. Shulga, Ph.D., L.Y. Arsenieva, Dr.,S.M. Kobylinskyi, Ph.D., L.A. Goncharenko
The aim of this work was to study the mechanical and thermal properties biodegradable films based on polyvinyl alcohol. It is found that increasing the amount of glycerol increases the elasticity of the films, and strength at break decreases proportionally. Also, the change of physical and mechanical characteristics of the films affects the content of film-forming (PVA and pectin).


Packaging for New Year gifts (status and trends)
V.V. Khalaydzhi, Ph.D.
The author did the analys of the different packaging materials for the Christmas and New Year gifts and identified the basic requirements for such a package. It is shown that for gift packaging stands out for its personality, as evidenced by the variety of shapes, designs, sizes and materials. In addition, it is important ecological packaging materials and related packaging design, which is being implemented by different types of print and processing technologies. It is shown the possibility of using gift packaging in the second life in the household.

Adhesive tapes for packaging technology
V.N. Krivoshey, Ph.D.
The author presents the historical facts of the invention and the further development of adhesive tapes. He gives analysis of world production and consumption of adhesive tapes in different regions of the planet. It is showed the structure of the use of adhesive tapes by application, base materials. The author analysis of the materials are used in the adhesive tapes and gives the manufacturing tape technology, their artwork for promotional purposes.

Beverage packaging (a combination of individuality and efficiency)
The author examines the current trends in the development of packaging for alcoholic and soft drinks. He also shows that individualization and differentiation of the packaging are important factors to take into account the beverage producer.
This is expressed in a particular form of PET bottles and glass, and in various ways to their registration, additional devices for the convenience of consumers. The author shows the ecological aspects of packaging produced, for example, made of biodegradable materials or renewable resources. It is shown that modern equipment for the manufacture of containers of PET saves energy and material resources through intelligent control, automated devices and special equipment.

Packages comprising rectangular bottom for liquid products (justification of rational use of combined cardboard)
.I. Regey, Dr., P.I. Begen, Ph.D., O.I. Mlynko
There arestated in the article that the packaging of the combined board is widely used by enterprises of the dairy industry for placing on the market of milk, kefir, yogurt and more. The increasing demand for composite materials based on cardboard obliges producers of packing to spend frugally in the production of packaging means. There emphasized that it is appropriate to justify a rational ratio of packaging geometrical parameters at the design stage. Mathematical formulas are derived, taking into account the internal volume of the packing, an area of spent packaging material. Application of the method of research mathematical function obtained a rational width, length and height of the housing for different size packing.

Packaging as a factor in reducing food losses
O.O. Kozlov
The author writes about the main trends in consumer preferences influenced by social, economic, environmental, and other factors of modern life. It is shown the tendencies of development of retail trade of food. On this basis, he shows the main challenges for packing and storage of meat and meat products. It is shown the main types of packaging for meat, and given their comparative characteristics.
It is shown that the development of DuPont based on Surlyn ionomer for the manufacture of films for packaging meat and made an analysis of the properties of these films.


Labelling of beverage packaging (anti-counterfeiting)
Chirag Sheth                                     


Formula clear Ukraine, or Ukraine without waste


Scientific Forum of the future packaging elite
A.N. Gavva, Ph.D.


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