Sections of the magazine

Sections of the magazine "Upakovka"


  • Ukrainian and foreign markets, materials and packaging
  • Trends of change production and consumption
  • The influence of economic and social factors
  • Innovative Projects
  • Industry experts


  • Interviews with experts who have made a great contribution to the development of the packaging industry


  • Group package
  • Warehousing
  • Transportation


  • New kind of packaging on the Ukrainian market
  • Analysis of production in Ukraine
  • For food, beverage and goods
  • Development trends in the world
  • Representation of different types


  • New Developments
  • Properties and applications
  • Development trends in Ukraine, the world
  • Effect of packing material on the product
  • Raw materials, production, supply


  • Consumer and transport packaging, packing extra funds
  • Standardization, certification
  • Legal consultation
  • Consultation of Specialists on Intellectual Property
  • Properties of packaging
  • Information about universities in Ukraine, which prepare the specialists for the packaging industry
  • Exhibitions, conferences, patents, literature


  • Chronology of packaging


  • New developments of Ukrainian firms
  • Development trends in the world
  • For packing of granular products and liquids
  • Units and components
  • Service and maintenance

Design, printing

  • The modern trend of development
  • Typography
  • Prepare to print
  • Paint and other materials
  • Equipment


  • Marketing, analytical studies
  • Exhibitions, competitions, conferences


  • Packing Dictionary


  • Production of packaging
  • Filling, capping
  • Technological parameters
  • Stacking faults and their remedies


  • Legislation in Ukraine
  • Picking and sorting of packaging waste
  • Recycling and Disposal
  • Experience in other countries


  • Analysis and trends based on exhibitions
  • New samples of packaging materials and equipment
  • Contests for the best package
  • Conferences and seminars

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