CLUB PACKAGERS is a public non-profit organization, founded in 1996, which united producers and consumers of packaging materials and equipment and packaging in Ukraine.
Among the members of the Club  Packagers  are manufacturers of plastic, metal, glass and cardboard packaging, machine-building enterprises, universities  and research institutes, advertising and publishing commercial firms, exhibition centers.

CLUB PACKAGERS  is based on the principles of democracy, objectivity, competence and humanity.

CLUB PACKAGERS  cooperates with national institutes and associations of foreign countries, magazines in the field of packaging. Since March 18, 1998, the Packers Club of Ukraine is a member of the World Organization of Packers (WPO).

CLUB PACKAGERS - co-organizer together with KICJA of the Pack Fair exhibition, a participant of specialized exhibitions in Ukraine and collective stands at exhibitions abroad.

CLUB PACKAGERS - since 1998, the organizer of the annual national competitions for the best packaging "Ukrainian Packaging Star", the best label "Ukrainian Label", for the best packaging of young designers "Packaging Future". Club is published a catalog with samples of packaging and labels of all participants of the competition is published annually. Winners of the competition participate in the World Star Award competition.

Since 2007 CLUB PACKAGERS has held the annual scientific and practical conference "PACKAGING INDUSTRY".

Since 2000 CLUB PACKAGERS has held the annual conference for young scientists INNOVAITIVE PACKING TECHNOLOGIES.

Since 2000 CLUB PACKAGERS together with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, has held annually an international competition and a conference for the best student scientists work in the field of packaging "GOLDEN CHESNUT".


  • development of information communications
  • publication of special literature
  • conferences, symposia, seminars, round tables, business meetings, competitions
  • organization of collective stands at exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad
  • training and retraining  of packaging specialists
  • marketing research and consulting services
Activities :
  • Holding conferences, symposiums, seminars, round tables, business meetings.
  • Providing information on equipment, packaging, packaging materials and their manufacturers.
  • Training and retraining of  packaging specialists.
  • Publishing magazine UPAKOVKA/PACKAGING, special literature.
  • Marketing, consulting and analytical litigation studies.
  • International cooperation.
  • Participating in various international exhibitions for the promotion of the activities of Club Packagers.
  • Participating in different international workshops on packaging to disseminate knowledge on the latest trends and technologies in packaging.
  • Participating in the meeting of World Packaging Organisation (WPO) in order to maintain international linkage with the world packaging community.
  • Participating in the Worls Star Awards/

  • Subscription to the magazine "UPAKOVKA/PACKAGING" (free).
  • Publishing news about the company in the category "Short Message Service" of the "UPAKOVKA/PACKAGING" magazine  (free of charge).
  • Participantions of the annual competition for the best package "Ukrainian Packaging Star", for the best label "Ukrainian Label" - 10% discount.
  • Discount on advertising in the magazine "UPAKOVKA/PACKAGING" - 10%.
  • Organization of training, retraining and internships/
  • Participations in conferences, symposia, seminars, round tables and business meetings.
  • Participations in international exhibitions.
Procedure for joining

If you have decided to join to CLUB PACKAGERS, you need to fill out an application for membership, pay the entrance and annual fee.
The original application should be sent to the email address and by mail: 02002, Kiev, ul. E.Sverstyuk 4a.
At the regular meeting of CLUB PACKAGERS you will be presented with a certificate of membership in CLUB PACKAGERS.

Become a member of Club Packagers!

 WPO  member from 1998


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