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Socio-economic Efficiency of Packaging: Integrated Assessment Methodology
P.P. Lazanovskyi
The article notes that a rapidly growing domestic market of packaging requires a high-quality socio-economic justification. The methodology of determining the social efficiency of packaging should be based on the creation of special scales for the congruence of their social characteristics to certain requirements with further calculation of the integral coefficient of social efficiency. The economic efficiency of a packaging can be estimated by a system of indicators, the economic effect among which is the main one, and to increase it all business organizational structures need to minimize the total costs (cost price) of each specific type of packaging. In general, the dynamics of the natural and cost indicators of development of domestic packaging industry is the evidence of the level of social and economic efficiency of packaging.

Innovations in packaging 

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Outside of the possible (W&H)
L. Thorsten                                                                           read>>

Mechanical properties of the reinforced polymeric materials for production of tare and packing
Karvatskii A.Ya., Dr., Mikulionok I.Î. , Dr., Karaulova V.O.
Effective mechanical properties of new composition polymeric materials depending on characteristics of a matrix, and also the reinforcing fiber of a natural origin and its volume portion in the materials are investigated. Use of a tare and packing, in particular the bottles and canisters manufactured of the offered composite polymeric materials reinforced by vegetable fibers which belong to renewable raw materials at the same time solves two important problems: increase of strength of products, and consequently ensuring resource-saving, and a possibility of the accelerated natural decomposition of the used tare and packing.


Active and smart packaging (development trends)

Dairy packaging
V.M. Krivoshey, Ph.D., V.V. Khalaydzhi, Ph.D.
The author analyzes the development of dairy products in Ukraine. The tendencies of development of the Ukrainian market are shown. The structure of all types of packaging for dairy products is given. Packaging materials, their advantages and peculiarities of use are considered for each type. The main developers and manufacturers of packaging materials for dairy products in Ukraine are given. The characteristics of the main types of packaging (flexible, rigid, semi-rigid) for dairy products and their advantages and disadvantages are given.

Reliable transportation of products
(optimization of cargo stability)  (DOW)                                   read>>

Packaging as a means of communication
I.V. Gamova, Ph.D.                                                                read>>

Packing from all over the world 

Box of cardboard or shrink film. What to choose?
V.N. Krivoshey, PhD
The article shows an approach for selecting a group package (cardboard box or shrink film) for a product in a consumer package. Characteristics of boxes made of corrugated cardboard, corrugated cardboard, shrink films are given. Their main properties, advantages and disadvantages are given. Prospective directions of their development are shown. The article shows the algorithm of actions, according to which the choice should be made between boxes of corrugated cardboard and group packing in shrink film.Keywords: box, corrugated board, shrink film, group packaging.


Firm heterogeneous systems (to a terminology problem)
I.Î. Mikulionok, Dr., A.Ya. Karvatskii, Dr., V.O. Karaulova
It is offered to distinguish adjectives «composition» and «composite». The specified definitions of the terms «composition material», «composite material», «composition structure» and «composite structure» are also given.


Trepko proven filling solutions                                         read>>

Control scales for muesli (ISHIDA)                                     read>>
N. Ęŕvtaradze

Packing equipment in Italy


Innovations for the production of PET packaging at a conference in Chernihiv 


Chronology of packaging development
V.L. Schreder

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