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 "Added reality" about the company "Technocom"

The magazine's editorial board continues to implement innovative digital opportunities for advertisers' promotion on the magazine's covers. In this issue, readers can use the technology of "added reality" to better know the Ukrainian manufacturer of masterbatch - the company "Technocom".  You can see the production capacity, the processes of manufacturing products, control its quality, storage and so on. As they say, it's better to see once than hear a hundred times.

Therefore, we download, using the QR code, the SIMO AR program on your gadget, we point the camera at the company logo and enjoy the European level of Ukrainian production. During the viewing, everyone has the opportunity to call, send a letter to the company "Technocom" or visit it web page and go back to watching the video.



Packaging Industry: we will meet in Odessa         


Packing as a savior of the world         


The initiative and activity of Dow in Ukraine

Leadership, confirmed by reality (Vetropack)

"Online Food Industry Exhibition - 2018" - an innovative tool for expanding the market and increasing sales


Innovations  in packaging

Marketers inform


FSC-certified packaging (innovative solution for responsible business)
A. Starodub, P. Kravets
The international certification scheme FSC is an effective tool for responsible business, which works in the field of packaging technologies and uses wood and paper in the production process. Trends in recent years indicate an increase in demand among consumers for certified products, which has confirmation of legality of origin and minimization of environmental impact. In Ukraine, the domestic market for FSC-certified goods is at an early stage of development, and Ukrainian companies have the chance to be among the first to effectively implement a tool that has proven itself in the world. For them, FSC can be not only a confirmation of the legality of the origin of timber, but also the possibility of communication with Ukrainian and European consumers.


Technical gases package (features of coice) 
O. Vatrenko, Dr., S. Vihurghinska, PhD
Variants of gas products delivery have been considered. The transportations of gaseous and liquid products by motor transport have been compared by the example of argon. A methods of estimating expenses including the type of cargo unit and relevant transportation and operating costs has been given. An influence of a lot size and transportation distance on the cost of a product delivery has been shown.

Through thorns - to the stars (about the perspective of moisture-absorbing trays) Mayak Pack

PET blown packaging (risks, problems and realities)
Zamotayev P.V., Dr
The progress in the plastic beverage packaging extends far beyond an optimization of production technologies, an optimization of polymer macromolecular structure and masterbatches selection. One of the new trends is focusing on the development of active packaging which improves the conservation of beverages such as juice, dairy products, beer, wine, oils, etc. Another innovation is the introduction of the intelligent packaging systems which include time-temperature indicators, gas or dangerous substances detectors, information carriers about the origin of the product and presenting food additives, tags preventing forgery and misuse of the product. The recognition of the benefits of active and intelligent plastic packaging for beverages by the food industry and increased customer acceptance considering environmental risks are necessary for commercial realization of those technologies.


Testing of cardboard and cardboard packaging
V. Krivoshey, PhD
The article is notes that the quality of cardboard consumer packaging is laid in the performance of the cardboard itself. Among them, mass, thickness, strength, rigidity are important. The quality of the cardboard packaging is determined visually in comparison with the standard way and according to certain methods. The author points out that the important properties in this case are compressive strength, resistance to impact, vibration loads, individual packaging elements, for example, valves to double bend, adhesion of printed image and others. Some methods for their definition are described in this article.


Difficulties marking packaging for salty snacks
J. Wolf


Functional accessories in packaging


Test packaging design (capabilities neuromarketing)
B.Tkach, PhD
The author considers the possibilities of modern methods of neurodiagnosis of the consumer for testing the design of packaging. Leaving in the past focus groups in the work of a designer and marketer, the author brings the reader to the need to use oculography, electroencephalography, electromyography, psychodiagnostics and other methods to assess the behavior of the buyer when looking at the design of the package. On specific examples, the author shows the advantages of neuromarketing in the design of packaging.

Music rhythms in packaging design
O.V.Chueva, PhD

You can not stop (O.Mikula)


Chronology of packaging development
V.L. Schreder 

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