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June - July





cover of the magazine "UPAKOVKA" with the added reality

Every year digital technologies break in our professional life more and more intensively. Design of packaging materials and packaging, labels and advertisement in the magazines today can not exist without the "digit".
Editorial office of the magazine "UPAKOVKA" also uses modern technologies. On June 4, 2018, was released the third issue, on the cover of which was depicted the HP Indigo 6900 Digital Press printing machine, which readers will be able to revive and get acquainted with its capabilities and benefits.
All you need is to:
1. Download SIMO AR from the App Store or Google Play
2. Launch the program on your device
3. Lead the device screen to the HP Indigo 6900 Digital Press machine on the cover of the magazine (printed or electronic).
4. The screen will launch a video showing all the technological capabilities and benefits of HP Indigo 6900.
5. After watching the video, each reader with the use of  familiar to everyone icons has the opportunity to call the company UNIPRINT, send an e-mail, visit a web-site or facebook-page.

So lets download and watch it



Packaging Industry: we will meet in Odessa         


Let's calm down         


30 years - the impulse of development (Elips)

Success in development

Towards perfection


Marking - the path to product safety

Marketers inform

Innovations in packaging


Glass is stay glass (Vetropack)

PET blown packaging (risks, problems and realities)
P.V. Zamotaev, Dr.
The author analyzes publications in the media and professional scientific magazines on the results of studies on the behavior of plastic packaging (PET bottle) in contact with various beverages. It is shown that most sensational reports about the presence of particles of so-called microplastic in PET bottles with mineral water or harmful plastic bottles for beverages and foods based on data obtained from the use of inappropriate methods unreliable results with great accuracy, causing difficulties in their interpretation.
Based on studies of several authors its shown that the total concentration of toxic substances in the water after year stay in PET containers with two orders of magnitude lower than acceptable. This means that the use of water in PET packaging is safe for the human.

Packing from all over the world


Paper inspired by nature  (Double V)


Press plate acceleration in flat die-cutting press (experimental evaluation)
I.I. Regey, Dr., S.V. Ternytskyi, PhD, N.M. Kandyak, PhD
There has been developed and manufactured the experimental device for the research of the combined mechanism of the press plate in flat die-cutting presses. In the article has been experimentally determined the value of acceleration of the press plate in the die-cutting press during the process of cardboard blanks cutting. There has been confirmed the efficiency of the drive mechanism modernization of the press plate in flat die-cutting presses by the application of the proposed mechanism.

Dosing and packaging modules of packaging machines for liquid
O.M. Gavva, Dr., B.V. Mykhailik, O.O. Kohan, PhD, L.V. Marcinkiewicz
An important trend in the development of packaging machines is the modularity of their construction. In machines for packaging liquids in consumer packaging, the main functional module is the dosage and packing module. The dosing-packing module is a complex mechanical and electronic system, which is represented by a combination of the following components: accumulation and nutrition of products, dosage and packing; control and operation of the module.
The article is analyze the liquids and packaging as objects of processing in a packing machine, the classification of dosing-packing devices, formulates the tendencies of perfection of dosing-packing devices of bulk type, analyze the stages of development and trends of the use of weighing dispensers, the synthesis of the structure of the mechatronic module for weight dosing of liquids; the analytical dependence of the dose formation and the control of the movement of the working unit of the dispenser have been obtained, the conclusion is drawn that the future of the mechatronic functional modules, including the modules of dosing and packing.

Synthesis of integrated ejector models for functional modules of packaging machines
L. Kryvoplas-Volodina, PhD
The article shows the application of the simulation program and computing resources for solving complex technical problems and integrating advanced technologies into new technical solutions. Pneumatic nozzle systems for packaging machines are developed and studied on the basis of CFD-methods (Computational Fluid Dynamics). This facilitates the search for new devices, accelerates the research and development processes, shortens the testing time, preserves competitive advantages. The overall goal of this article is to provide an overview of the simulation methods of research in the Flow Vision software package; to study the mathematical model of the hydrodynamic nature in the L-shaped ejector for the functional modules of food packaging machines.


Twentieth by the account (about the contest "Ukrainian star of packaging")

Spring Meetings at Pak Expo


The Henkel Lioscan system (coating weight measurement)


Auxiliary packing means


Chronology of packaging development
V.L. Schreder 

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