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Jubilee report of the Club of Rome (about the global state of the planet)

Innovations in packaging

Confectionery packaging in Ukraine (market, trends)
V.N. Krivoshey, PhD
The article is analyzed the Ukrainian confectionery market. Its shown the dynamics of changes in the volume of production of sugary, chocolate and flour confectionery products. The author show the main reasons for such negative dynamics are given and the main trends in the development of the production of confectionery products in Ukraine.
The author presents data on various types of consumer, group and transport packaging for confectionery products. Based on an analysis of the requirements of confectionery products for packaging materials and directly to packaging. Its shown advantages and disadvantages of those packaging, the main trends in the development of packaging materials and packaging for confectionery.

Marketers inform


Bubble wrap
V.N. Krivoshey, PhD
The author gives information about the appearance of bubble wrap and shows the evolution of its development, resulting in the main types of such films, their modifications and the latest developments in their production. It is given the basic characteristics of bubble wrap and their properties, which determine the main directions of their use.

OnCap BIO and OnColor BIO from PolyOne


Packing from all over the world

Pack Studios - the new standard of cooperation


About a poor package, say a word
P.V. Zamotayev, Dr 


Photopolymer waste in the packaging
V.V. Shybanov, Dr., V.B. Repeta, PhD
The article is devoted to the questions of packaging safety for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. The authors pay attention to the migration of components of printing inks with a radical mechanism of photopolymerization, specifics of reactions of radical photopolymerization of inks and the effect on it of oxygen of air. Also, examples of photolysis of various types photoinitiators are given and causes of diffusion and migration of toxic components of ink layer on printing imprints are explained. The principles of reducing the migration of ink components when printing the packaging are highlighted.

Hidden marking: representation and protection of the brand
M. McCormick


We attract partners ... DOPHAMINE (packaging design and its influence on consumer choice of products)
V.K. Shostya 

The trends of postmodernism in the modern packaging design
N.S. Udris, PhD, O.V. Chueva, PhD
The article deals the manifestations of postmodernism in the variety of modern packaging designs. Based on the analysis of packages of products which sold in Ukrainian supermarkets, the authors found trends in experiments with styles, materials, textures, colors, planes, and typography. Especially attention is focused on citing as artistic way of postmodernism and its application in the decoration of packages, in particular the citation of works of fine art. The design of postmodernism is variable and focused on subjectivism. The trends of postmodernism in the design of packages, according to the authors, increase the competitiveness and commercial efficiency of sales of products that are stored in them. 


Tests of rigid polymer packaging
V.N. Krivoshey, PhD
This article is contained information on various methods for testing packaging polymeric materials, methods for controlling the quality of intermediates in the manufacture of polymer packaging, and methods for testing directly the polymer package.
In this article, the author gives methods for evaluating the appearance of the package, its tightness, compressive strength, free fall impact, and the permeability of a real polymer package in relation to the components of packaged products. Separately, the author describes methods for evaluating the adhesion of printing inks to the surface of a polymer container.


Metals and metal packing


Chronology of packaging development
V.L. Schreder 

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