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Alphabet, numbers, money or packaging?         


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10 steps to packing 

Marketers inform

Innovations in packaging

Plastics for the packaging industry (situation, trends, forecasts)
S.D. Petrenko, PhD, V.N. Krivoshey, PhD
The author show that in comparison with packaging from other materials, plastic packaging most fully, efficiently and effectively meets modern world economic, social and environmental challenges in terms of preserving various types of products. The analysis of the world, European and Ukrainian markets of plastics, plastic packaging materials and plastic packaging is done. Dynamics and main directions of development of these markets are shown. It is substantiated the main feature of the Ukrainian market of plastics, which is connected with the dependence on imports of plastic raw materials. Potential opportunities for the development of plastic packaging in the Ukrainian market are presented.


Polymers with a prefix BIO-
.V. Zamotayev, Dr.


Defects and tests of flexible packaging
V.N. Krivoshey, PhD
The author considers flexible packaging as one of the most widely used for the replacement of glass, metal and cardboard packaging. It is resulted the basic defects and damages at manufacturing of a flexible packaging and packing of goods in packages. It is given the recommendations for their prevention or elimination. The main indicators of flexible packaging quality and methods of their determination are shown (break at static load, internal burst of a package, strength of welded seams, tightness of a package).


Innovations in flexography and gravure (doctor blades for the inking systems)
V.B. Repeta, PhD
The author analyzed doctor blades for flexographic and gravure printing presses. Accordingly, they were classified according to the configuration, the type of edge and the materials used when they were made. Methods of operational parameters of the doctor blades, namely, the galvanic and ceramic coating, inclusion in the blades structure of the hard particles, laser hardening and plasma-immersion ion implantation are described. Trends in improving the performance of chamber systems are also described.


Ways of technical and functional perfection of packaging machines
O.M. Gavva, Dr., M.V. Yakimchuk, Dr., L.O. Krivoplyas-Volodina, PhD
Modern models of packaging machines are integrated technical complexes created on the basis of mechatronic functional modules. Each module is a functionally and constructively independent product with a large number of synergistically related characteristics and parameters. The totality of such modules in the technical complex is intended for the implementation of packaging technologies. In modern conditions of production and sale of finished products to packaging machines make a significant number of requirements that can be met only through the introduction of high technology design.
In the article the authors identified and substantiated the following main directions of functional and technical perfection of packaging machines: structural, kinematic, technological, process, information and sanitary-hygienic. Wide implementation of these areas will contribute to the development of a technological platform that unites demand and supply.


So sort the waste in Irpin 

Pilot project in Vyshgorod
V.G. Slabiy

Professional from Obukhov                                              Read>>


Ukrainian Faberge 


Chronology of packaging development
V.L. Schreder 

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