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PET Technologies element of success


Marketers inform

Market of Italian equipment (from ACIMGA annual report)

Innovation in packaging


Corners for protection (packaging company SYDOR)

Sacks and polypropylene containers (types, properties, technologies, application)
V.N. Krivoshey, PhD
There is given classifications and main types of bags and big-bags from polypropylene fabric. Their properties, advantages and disadvantages are compared with other types of transport packaging. All types of technological operations for manufacturing threads, polypropylene fabrics and various kinds of bags and big bags are considered. The main ways of ensuring their tightness are shown.


A drive mechanism of press plate of die-cutting machine (justification for improvement)
I.I. Regey, Dr., V.A. Kuznetsov, PhD, V.V. Vlah
In this article it is considering a new mechanism of a drive of the press plate of the die-cutting machine. This mechanism is based on a combined mechanism and consists of driving and driven slider-crank contours. Kinematic analysis describes that the sliders of the press plate move with the same speed, also it safes parallelism to the stationary plate. The press plate stops in extreme position without acceleration.

X-ray packaging control of Ishida
N. Kavtaradze                              


Modern technologies of packaging protection against deception
S.F. Havenko, Dr.
The technologies of packaging protection against deception by means of all sorts of graphical elements, holograms, micro texts, hidden elements on labels, and special OVD materials have been described. Product labeling, printing of barcodes and transient data generated by software, personalization and numeration have been considered as the elements of packaging protection.

Marking: the art of flexibility
A. Smith 

"Digit" on corrugated cardboard
E. Ischimenler


CEFLEX project - problems and solutions

Waste packaging as secondary raw materials
N.V. Krivoshey

Packaging Tax: Legislative Initiatives and International Practice
Y.A. Koval
The article is concerned to the prospects and possible ways of legal regulation of the packaging tax, which was proposed by a number of bills registered in the parliament. The article analyzes the approaches of the European Union to the taxation of packaging as one of the ways to reduce the using of packaging. In order to illustrate and confirm the authors conclusions, the article describes the practice of the packaging tax in certain foreign countries, which turned out mostly negative, and subsequently led to the abolition of packaging tax.


Chronology of packaging
V.L. Schreder


Gold Chestnut Potential
O.M. Gavva, Ph.D.

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Glass and glass packaging 


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