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"Packing industry" - now in Lviv
V.V. Khalaydzhi, Ph.D.


Creative take-off "Thermo Pack"
O.M. Gavva, Dr.


Using the Internet of Things (a letter to company executives)
C. Riley


Packaging through the eyes of a marketer
Y.Yu. Simonenko

Marketers inform

Innovation in packaging


Lightproof Properties of Glassware
N.N. Plemyannikov, PhD, S.R. Kostyrko
The optical spectroscopic technique was used to identify spectral transmittance curves of different glass types: five industrial produced and four synthesized models. The composition of the modelling glasses included iron sulphide, chromium and iron oxides as colouring agents.
A novel data processing method was utilised to evaluate the decreasing level of harmful electromagnetic radiation within actinic visible light range. It based on the summary of energy balances, which enables the quantification of the decreasing electromagnetic radiation values.
The efficiency of the colouring agents is evaluated depending on their concentration within the glass.
The colour properties of glasses were studied also.

Some ways to create environmentally safe polymer packaging in Ukraine
N.V. Sova, PhD, B.M. Savchenko, Dr., V.P. Plavan, Dr., V.A. Beloshenko, Dr.
The article is devoted to the analysis of possible ways of creation of environmentally friendly packaging and solving the problem of utilization of flexible thin-walled consumer packaging made of polyolefins taking into account economic features of Ukraine. The use of recycled raw materials for the production of polyethylene packaging, accelerated additives and calcium carbonate supplements make it possible to create a polymeric package with a shorter service life. An alternative method is thermoplastic starch plastic based on natural polysaccharide.


Packaging as a method of copacking


Batchers TM "Promwit"

Priority - reliability of packaging machines
V.N. Krivoshey, Ph.D.                                 

Give shape to your success. Variety and accuracy of packing  (Trepko)


Modern technologies of packaging protection against deception
S.F. Havenko, Dr.
The article deals with technologies of packaging protection against deception by application of inks and varnishes (metallic, nacre, fluorescent, aromatic, thermochromatic) used for text and image reproduction and having special optical, magnetic and aroma properties and sensitivity to changes of environment temperature.

Fighting counterfeits


Book of Valeriy Krivoshey "Packing in Ukrainian realities"

packaging encyclopedia

Rigid polymer packaging 


Notes on Ukrainian Entrepreneurs
G.O. Matsenko

From the halls of the cognac museum in Odessa


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