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Winning performance packaging industry (Interpack 2017)
V.V. Halaydzhi, Ph.D.

Interpack innovations 

Spices in Ukraine (market, trends, packaging)
V.V. Khalaydzhi, Ph.D.
The author gives a classification of the existing market of spices, considering the situation on the world market of these products. It is shown the basic types of products, the place of their production and export capacities of different countries. The article are presents the data on the Ukrainian market of spices and herbs, the development trend of the market and problems for local producers.
The author gives the classification and characterization of the main types of packaging for spices, resulting in the basic requirements of the product to the packaging materials and packaging. The article is describes the various types of packaging laminates for aggressive and non­aggressive products. 

Innovation in packaging


Glass packaging from Vetropack
S.M. Pinishchuk

After die-cutting technological operations (removal of waste from die-cut cardboard blanks)
.I. Regey, Dr., V. Olishkevych
This paper highlights that in die-cutting equipment cardboard blanks with cut involutes, margins and internal waste get rid of rear trim and internal waste in the next section after die-cutting section (the platen section). The list of tools and the order of waste removal operation using static and dynamic methods are explored. The present study analyzes advantages of using the method of waste removal by means of stripping tools kit that placed beyond the matrix (stripping board). This paper focuses on profiling of apertures in stationary matrix.

Possibilities of application of liquid cooling of tube polymeric films
V.S. Gapon, Ph. D., A.D. Petukhov, Dr., I.O. Mikulionok, Dr.
The description of the experimental stand for research of process of heat exchange at a liquid film current on a moving polymeric surface is provided, and also trial installation for production of a tube polymeric film with liquid cooling on which operating modes of formation of a polymeric sleeve and a design of the liquid cooling system were fulfilled. Recommendations about realization of process of production of the tube polymeric film with liquid cooling are made.


Man-made intellect in packaging equipment (use prospects)
M.V. Yakimchuk, Dr., O.M. Gavva, Dr.
Packaging equipment, like any other complex technical system, in its development seeks to acquire the properties of a system with man-made intellect. The structure of such packaging equipment is a complex of various technical solutions that are characterized by a different level of universality, abstractness, complexity and functionality. In todays development of the packaging industry, the man-made intellect of packaging machines is realized using the use of technical vision and the development of complex management software packages.
In the article the authors give an analysis of the state and ways of development of technical vision and man-made intellect in packaging machines. 

Bionic approach to robotics


Inkjet industrial printers (innovation in product labeling) EOS Profi
A. Rodionov

HP Mosaic in Ukraine

Marking of soft packaging

Production of nanophotonic labels for smart packaging
.. Grytsenko, D.S. Grytsenko, Ph.D
The paper presents the results of research aimed at establishing patterns of reproduction of tone luminescent images by ink jet printing technique on plastic materials for the manufacture of markings for smart food packaging. Recommendations are created for production of luminescent printed images by ink jet printing technique using ink compositions based on silver nanoparticles on polymeric materials.

Marking equipment for packaging
V.N. Krivoshey, Ph.D.
The author justifies the need to introduce marking technologies and equipment based on economic, social and environmental processes in the world and local product markets. Marking is necessary for both the manufacturer and the purchaser of the product.
He gives the structure of marking technologies, the situation with introduction of marking equipment on the Ukrainian market. The author  briefly describes advantages and disadvantages of drop-jet marking equipment, which use technologies CIJ, IJ, DoD.


Techical graphics on packaging (a new trend in design)
O.V. Senchenko-Chueva, Ph.D.
This article continues the cycle on the current trends in packaging design. The author highlights
the trend of graphic design, which is directly formed in the modern trend. The use of marking
marks, technical drawings and graphic symbols in the design of packaging and labels is now an integral part of the graphic palette. Certain packing groups are identified by graphic language and their characteristic features are defined. The directions of the further development of the graphic language in updating the packaging design are also outlined.

Professor Vitaly Shostya. Influence. Contribution. Challenge (to the 75th anniversary)
A.N. Mikula 

packaging encyclopedia

Packaging materials and packaging from polymers

Sailboats in bottles



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