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Fruit-and-vegetable canned in Ukraine (market, trends, packaging)
V.N. Krivoshey, Ph.D.
The author considers the situation on the market of canned fruits and vegetables. It is shown the structure of such products and its main producers in Ukraine. Experts call the devaluation of the national currency and the embargo of canned food in Russia among the reasons for the decline in production, exports and consumption of such products. The main trend in the development of canned fruit and vegetable is the search for new markets, primarily in other countries. The author describes in detail the packaging, which is used for packing and packaging of canned fruits and vegetables. It is noted the advantages and disadvantages of glass and metal cans, as well as retort-packages from multilayered polymeric films.

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Innovation in packaging


Adhesive for laminating films
O.M. Alexandrov
The author examines various options for adhesive compositions based on current trends in the packaging technology, including the manufacture of laminated multilayer packaging films.
It is shown an adhesive properties ADCOTE series to series solvents and MOR-FREE with two components, using adhesives each series and examples of effective use.


Packing from all over the world

Possibilities of application of liquid cooling of tube polymeric films
V.S. Gapon, Ph. D., A.D. Petukhov, Dr., I.O. Mikulionok, Dr.
Limit conditions of application of liquid cooling of tube polymeric films from a condition of ensuring their mechanical durability under the influence of the power loading operating from the flowing-down liquid film on a polymeric sleeve and also ensuring necessary temperature of a polymeric tube at the exit from a cooling zone are defined. The nomogram for determination of extreme values of volume water concentration and productivity of the technological line from the geometrical sizes of a polymeric film is provided. Recommendations about practical application of tube polymeric films liquid cooling method are provided.

Design folding equipment of 3D modeling
I.I. Regey, Dr., P.I. Behen, Ph.D.
In this paper, authors analyzed the trends in the packaging industry. The important role of operating equipment for small and middle enterprises is determined, specified on the features of its design in the case of modular construction. The necessity of attracting CAD to improve efficiency development of new equipment is justified. The main methods of 3D modeling based on the digital prototype are described. The advantages of 3D modeling over traditional methods of 2D design are established.


Low-temperature automated warehouse and its equipment S.S. Kononchuk 


Offset printing plates in laser recorders (research of regimes of image recording)
I.M. Petriv, Ph. D.
This article shows regimes of laser devices during recording of images on a light-sensitive and heat-sensitive offset printing plates (OP). It is given the technologies to image recording  on CtP-thermal and light-OP. It is presented the design of image recording devices, due to exposure principles. It was studied the frequency of rotation of the optical head, cylinder and scanning speed that depend on the devices productivity, format of recording, the number of recording laser beams and resolution settings. It was defined the power of laser exposure device for light-sensitive and heat-sensitive OP according to scanning speed and resolution of recording with specified parameters.

Marking of personal hygiene products for men
N. Rapley


Meetings at Pak Fair-2017

New stars of Ukrainian packaging
V.N. Krivoshey, Ph.D. 

packaging encyclopedia

Packaging materials and packaging from polymers


Notes on Ukrainian entrepreneurs
G.A. Matsenko, Ph.D.



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