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Features glass container capping
O.V. Vatrenko, Dr.
The article analyzes the value experimentally obtained coefficients of friction capping belts on the lid with capping glass containers. Explained the contradictions in the differences between the experimental and theoretical values, their coefficient of friction in this pair. It is shown that the main cause capping glass containers is force of elastic resistance of the medium, which in this case there is in pair of friction. Established that the container sealed under the torque of the resistance medium forces, the value of which increases with the increase of speed movement in the pair of friction.



New way valve VUVS (functional, reliable and inexpensive) (Festo)

Automation of warehouse operations 
S.S. Kononchuk 

Biodegradable The fourth industrial revolution and the development of packaging industry
M.V. Yakymchuk, Dr., O.M. Gavva, Dr.
Humanity is on the verge of the fourth technological revolution, which is based on the concept of developing and implementing a fully automated, adapted to changing environmental conditions packaging systems with intelligent control systems. The development of technological systems and requires the use of a synergistic combination of the full potential of modern scientific achievements in the areas of IT-technologies, electronics, nanotechnology, industrial machinery and so on. One of the areas of scientific research portfolio which significantly affect the structure of packaging systems is to achieve a technical field to create miniaturized mechatronic modules (smart mechatronic moduls). Implementation of mechatronic technologies tested by the authors when creating a machine for packaging food products.packaging films based on polyvinyl alcohol.

Packing pickled mushrooms (Ishida)

Vacuum gripping device in packing machines (some features of the application)
M.V. Iakymchuk, Dr., O.M. Gavva, Dr., L.O. Krivoplyas-Volodina, Ph.D.
The article provides an analysis of the effective use of the vacuum gripper. Recommendations on the use of different materials for the manufacture of the gripping elements are formulated. The effect of the center of mass of packaging offset from the geometric center of the gripper is analytically studied. Analytical relationships to ensure reliable and efficient retention package gripper are recommended. 


Digital printing - the path to packaging personalized  (HP)

Contact coding hot stamping  (TermoDruk)


The development of innovations of the packaging industry (based on SABIT program)
L.A. Krivoplyas-Volodina, Ph.D.

packaging encyclopedia

Paper, cardboard and corrugated cardboard


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